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What is i-Menu ?

iMenu is the Accounting, Cashier, and digital menu which has been designed according to the all requirements of the different kinds of restaurants, bars, and café. it has been monitored for more than two years to understand the major problem in managing the restaurants and customers’ comfort and needs.

Unique specification:

This software doesn’t need any server to run and doesn’t need to install a separate server software for each shop, all the information of your restaurant is stored in Google servers and in your personal account, and this information is inaccessible except to the user account owner. these servers have the highest speed, security, and the highest access rate of 99.9%.

There is no need to special equipment to use this software and it can be run on a computer or laptop with the most common technical specifications, the only requirement of this software is good quality internet and a web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. The application is run as a stand-alone and from the Web, which gives you the ability to access the software facilities immediately through another computer, without reinstalling or recovering data, in case your computer or laptop breaks down.

This software is designed as Multi Branch, which allows you to control and create personalized menus for each branch separately.

This software has special versions for each executive position in the restaurant:

Purchasing Manager
Bike delivery
Restaurant owner

Menu design

Menu design in three layers including Main Category, Sub Category, and Foods Category with the ability to set the display order in the menu, also there is an unlimited number of price offers for each food:

Main Category
Sub Category
Foods Category
American Pizza
Olive Pizza
Small: 100 tl / Medium: 150 tl / Large: 200 tl
Roast Beef Pizza
Small: 120 tl / Medium: 160 tl / Large: 220 tl / Extra Large: 260 tl
Italian Pizza
Small: 100 tl / Medium: 150 tl / Large: 200 tl
English breakfast
Mix breakfast
2 Person: 400 tl / 4 Person: 600 tl

Customer club

This software has a very advanced and complete Customer Club module, some of the features of this module are:

  1. Determining various promotions with a limited time frame (for example: order up to 500 lire from 10:00 to 14:00 including a 20% ​​discount).
  2. Creation of various events (such as live music, special New Year ceremonies, etc.).
  3. Sending notifications to customers with special tastes (for example, sending a discount offer for the steak to customers who have eaten steak in your restaurant – this feature allows you to advertise targeted and free of charge to specific customers)
  4. The possibility of giving points according to the purchase amount of each customer in a certain period of time, in order to participate in the lottery or use the discount.
  5. Ability to create a discount code for special customers.
  6. Sending notifications to customers for special events or for daily offers.
  7. Sending happy birthday messages to customers.
  8. iMenu has an online chat module that has been designed and implemented for the first time in the world as a real-time translation, the working method is that the customer types the messages in their local language, but the support representative of the company reads & writes this message in Turkish. Also, the representative of the company types the answer in Turkish and the customer sees the answer in the language of his local.

Admin panel

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The entry and display of menu information in iMenu is in real-time, which means that in case of changes in the menu such as price changes, these changes are affected immediately without the need to restart or close and open customer, waiter, and tablet applications.

iMenu gives you the possibility to feature 1 or more special foods, which means that the head chef of the restaurant can choose certain dishes as the chef’s suggestion, and these dishes are displayed separately in the client’s application.

This system has the possibility to add or change the price as a group. It is obvious that if you need to change the prices weekly or daily, you will no longer need to print menus and pay large fees to solve this problem.

iMenu has various reports such as daily, monthly, and annual sales reports, sales reports by the main category, sales reports by sub-category and sales reports by Food category, sales reports by waiters and work reports by the rider, etc.

iMenu has the ability to print kitchen bills and receipts separately for each kitchen or print all receipts on the cashier printer.

In the chef application, it is possible to change the display status of the foods on the menu, for example, if one of the foods in the kitchen runs out, the chef can make the status of the desired dish Passive, and in this case, the desired dish will be displayed in all menus as It is removed in real-time and without the need to restart the menus devices.

Trinity Tech iMenu screenshot 2
Trinity Tech iMenu screenshot 3

Each of the kitchens can enter the required items online in the purchase request list and it is obvious that this list can be seen in the application related to the purchase manager.

In case of receiving a delivery order, after confirming and completing the order, the cashier can select the desired rider to deliver the service, then all the details of the delivery location, including its location and detailed address, will be transferred to the rider application, with this feature there is no need to send The specifications are not through interface software such as WhatsApp, Telegram.

Table reservation requests are applied by the customer application and the cashier can confirm or reject it.

In the cashier panel, it will be possible to apply discounts or delete invoices as OTP with the approval of the manager or restaurant owner.

Mobile app

After launching the system, a mobile application with the brand name and logo of your restaurant will be published in the Google play and App Store, which will be available to your customers for download directly from the stores.

Through this application, customers can access the restaurant menu with the ability to make an order online. in addition, this application provides the possibility for your customers to make delivery orders for free and without the need to pay a commission to the other online ordering software.

Also, customers receive services such as table reservations, online chat with management or branch, etc. This application is available to customers in 8 languages: Turkish, English, Russian, German, Persian, Arabic, French and Italian.

Other important features

This software has a very advanced and complete Customer Club module, some of the features of this module are:

  1. In the restaurant owner’s application, all reports, including daily, and monthly reports, etc., will be available. Also, if the restaurant has multiple branches, the report of all branches will be available to the restaurant owner separately.
  2. This software has a module to determine the level of access to the software facilities for different positions, at the same time, it is possible to cut off the access of each employee to the system online and through the cashier panel.
  3. One of the other features of iMenu is the separation of the amount received in cash or pos or combined receipt which can be seen in the daily reports.
  4. In iMenu, the exchange rate is calculated online from global markets, which of course has the ability to edit, you can also specify the amount of service rate and VAT, etc.
  5. iMenu can calculate the shipping fee for delivery automatically, by calculating the distance of each branch to the customer, and informing the customer of the shipping cost when receiving the order from the customer.
  6. In the multi-branch version of iMenu, it is possible to transfer orders between branches.
  7. We are monitoring the requirements of our customers and other unique features will be added to the system and it will be free of charge for the owners of full version of iMenu.
  8. The description of the ingredients used in each food and the menus of the software are automatically translated into the language of the customer’s choice.

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