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what is animate ?

Find pets for adoption, explore veterinaries, shelters and pet hotels.


Animate is a dating app enabling you to find mates and play dates for your pets. Animate is easy to use for all age groups, and it is a perfect match for animal lovers around the world.


This app is excellent for four groups of people:


Pet owners:

By using this app, you can find marriage mates for your pets, find playdates, publish lost and found animal ads, and find animals who are searching for a family to adopt.

Animal hotels: Animal Hotels can register in the app so that anyone searching for hotels can find a place anywhere in the world. These hotels can mention any details about their services, provide pictures of their site, and add their telephone, address, and location.


Veterinarians and hospitals:

Animate is suitable for pet hospitals and veterinarians. You can register your workplace location in the app, mention your specialties, and add your address and telephone number so that anyone needing your help could find you easily. Veterinarians can also invite their previous patients to the app and manage their workflow through our app. Also, pet hospitals can acquire a QR Code. This will enable the patients to become members of that hospital in the app by scanning the code. The hospital will also be able to manage the medication and remind the owners to have their pets vaccinated.



Shelters are a critical part of this app. If you have a shelter, you can install Animate, register your shelter and all the animals you have. Any person interested in adopting may find their pet through your animal profiles, which could happen anywhere in the world. People can also chat with the shelter manager inside the app to discuss an animals’ availability for adoption. Shelters, like the hospitals, can manage the medications and vaccines through our app.


The pet owners can visit other animals’ profiles and choose filters to find their desired animal. Filters include address, sex, sterilization status, etc. People can also chat with each other inside Animate to get more information about their intended pet. The app has a unique feature to show all the animals, shelters, and hospitals on the map. You can easily find the services that you require near your location.

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