Alanya Taxi

Online Taxi in Alanya, Turkey.

Drivers app

AlanyaTaxi application helps taxi drivers in Alanya and Antalya find passengers.

By installing this application anywhere in the city, yellow taxi drivers can see the list of passengers around them and choose your next passenger and go to your destination.

Features of AlanyaTaxi driver version:

– Only official taxi drivers (yellow taxis) can use AlanyaTaxi as a driver.
– Drivers can specify their activity intervals in kilometers.
– The application automatically finds the passengers around you and notifies them through notifications.
– Drivers can sort passengers by location and accept the nearest trip request.
– The taxi does not take any share from the trip amount.


Passengers app

If you live in Alanya or Antalya and you have trouble finding a taxi in these cities, we are here to help you.

With the help of AlanyaTaxi application, you can easily find taxis in Alanya and Antalya.

Using the AlanyaTaxi application is completely free.

Features of AlanyaTaxi application:
– You can specify your destination and see the drivers around you.
– You no longer have delay to find a taxi.
– You can stay at home and take a taxi.